Are the drivers of your logistics company GDP trained if the deliver medicines for you to your customers or to another wholesaler?

What would you train them in and why? We recently were asked to deliver training for these important team members. Where did we start? We felt that we had to start with what is a medicines and what is not. It is imperative drivers know if they are carrying Controlled Drugs (CD) and the special security requirements required. Often companies have zero tolerance for CD deviations so extra special care is required.  What happens if they break down with medicines in the trailer? What if they are CDs, can they be cross docked? Do the police have to be called? How would the driver know what special requirements are required for their loads? The boxes do not always have labels.

What checks should a driver make before he loads or delivers his consignments?

Packaging and temperature data loggers are another area where training is required to ensure that product quality is maintained and the required verification of the temperature of the delivery is not destroyed by accident.

Bear it in your mind!

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