Here are some kind words from some of our clients….

“Excellent delivery and trainer is very knowledgeable.”

Anonymous – Course Rating 10/10

GDP & RP Training

“A really useful day.”

Martin – Course Rating 10/10

GDP RP Training

“Very informative and very helpful. Brian was very professional and very patient with our numerous questions. Thank you.”

Catherine Hodges – Course Rating 10/10


“Excellent content and delivery. Answered all questions with good detail.”

Course Rating – 10/10

GDP & RP Training

“Very Informative course. I have learnt a lot of new information and the training was given in a relaxed environment. Thank you for making the learning as interesting as possible.”

Megan – Course Rating 10/10

GDP & RP Training

“I am new to GDP and the trainer is very patient with my endless questions and has answered them all with rounded practical answers, that I can take back to my workplace and implement it.”

Shirley Clifton – Course Rating 10/10


GDP & RP Training

“An ‘All-Inclusive’ Training”

Pop Ohelga – Course Rating 10/10

GDP & RP Training

“As a nurse adviser I wasn’t sure of the relevance to my role. It was interesting and I learned a lot.”

Course Rating 6/10

GDP & RP Training

“Covered all questions i had. I left with full knowledge on the topic.”

Anonymous – Course Rating 8/10

GDP & RP Training

“Brain is very thorough and very informative. Interactive too. A++++, Highly recommended”

Anonymous – Course Rating 9/10

GDP & RP Training

“Excellent – Helpful. I was in a small group setting, so very informal and easy to ask questions.”

Justin – Course Rating 9/10

GDP & RP Training

“Brilliant training provided, answered all questions.”

Ashish Morar – Course Rating 10/10

GDP & RP Training

“Very informative and lots of opportunity to ask questions and speak with other people on the course.”

Megan – Course Rating 10/10

GDP & RP Training

“Good Training day, thank you.”

Course Rating 10/10

GDP & RP Training

“Very well presented and detailed course. A lot of my questions were answered.”

Anonymous – Course Rating 9/10

GDP & RP Training

“Excellent training, thorough explanations and enjoyable throughout.”

David Lane – Course Rating 9/10

GDP & RP Training

“Index the presentation to be able to reference quicker – detailed key acronyms. Good course, very enlightening for understanding and questioning current processes within our company.”

Craig Buzzard – Course Rating 9/10

GDP & RP Training

“I found this course much more interesting and accessible than i thought it would be. Nicely paced with enough information to be challenging and thought provoking but not overwhelming. A few of the initials could do with explaining though.”

Jennifer Kirby – Course Rating 9/10

GDP & RP Training

/”Very informative and put in an easy to understand way. The course was explained so I can say i left feeling that I understood my role going forward. Thank you.

Marie Wakeham – Course Rating 9/10

GDP & RP Training

“Good training, has given me more insight as an RP. Would recommend new RP’s to have this training.”

Matthew – Course Rating 10/10

GDP & RP Training

“The course was very informative and delivered by Brian in a positive way with lots of examples, to help understand the various topics.”

Kalpesh Patel – Course Rating 9/10

GDP & RP Training

“Mr. Brian Lindsay has been a down to earth trainer. His approach to the GDP and training has been excellent, and i personally have gained a wealth of knowledge that made me appreciate what GDP actually means.”

Mr Sanjay Budhdeo – Course rating 10/10

GDP & RP Training

“An excellent course with almost 1/1 training. Interactive, knowledgeable trainer. Excellent venue.”

Dr. Parry – Course Rating 10/10

GDP & RP Training

“A very small group (2 of us attending) but this was excellent! Very interactive course, very informative. Gained a lot of information to take away. Thank you very much.”

Jane Lytwynchuk – Course Rating 10/10

GDP & RP Training

“Nice Chap, explained everything in an easy to understand manner!”

Andrew Kruinlger – Course Rating 10/10

GDP & RP Training

“Very helpful, clear, and precise. Thank you.”

Rachel Wicks – Course Rating 10/10

GDP & RP Training

” Very fun, interactive course. Trainer was very approachable.”

Farhan Masoud – Course Rating 9/10

GDP & RP Training

“A relaxed training environment, and competent instructions, enabled me to gain full knowledge of what i can expect for future MHRA inspections.”

David Briggs – Course Rating 9/10

GDP & RP Training

“The training was informative, covering all areas.”

Anonymous – Course Rating 10/10

GDP & RP Training

“This one day training package cover, including Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and Responsible Person (RP) roles and responsibilities, ‘packed a punch!’ Well structured, well delivered and interactive. Good value for money. Good day out overall.”

Anonymous – Course Rating 8/10

GDP & RP Training

“Great Presentation, very informative.”

Roshni Rutton-Patel – Course Rating 10/10

GDP & RP Training

“Many thanks to Brain the trainer”

Wagdi Moussa – Course Rating 9/10

GDP & RP Training

” There was a lot to take in, the course was very detailed”

John Sie Han Woag – Course Rating 9/10

Export Training

“Very Informative and useful session”

Rahinatu – Course Rating 10/10

Export Training

“Very Informative. Great handouts to take away. Thanks”

Megan – Course Rating 10/10

Export Training

“Excellent, personable and very informative”

Anonymous – Course Rating 10/10

Export Training

“Excellent trainer, very informative.”

Anonymous – Rating 10/10

Export Training

“Very clear, simple to follow. Interactive. Helpful.”

Ade – Rating 9/10

Export Training

“Very informative and John was able to demonstrate a great knowledge of export. Having already completed Pharmacy Consulting’s GDP training, I was able to understand the content and what John was explaining in regard to export”

Anonymous – Rating 9/10

Export Training

“Really well presented and explained. Have a much better understanding of a very involved subject.”

Vicky Stones 10/10

Export Training

“Very informative course. Well worth attending.”

Dave Smith 9/10

Export Training

I am new to GDP and the trainer was very patient with my endless questions and answered them all with rounded practical answers that i can take back to my workplace and implement.

Shirley Clifton – Ashford and St Peters Hospital

GDP/RP Training

A lot of valuable information to digest.

Thank you

Anna Drys – Oxford Hospital

GDP/RP Training

Well structured and presented course. Puveshni was very knowledgeable in the field and benefited from her experience.

Abdirahamn Sheikh – Irmaan

GDP/RP Training

Lots of information and keeps you engaged.

Isatec on site training – Abbey Tullett

GDP/RP Training

Very interesting presentation which allowed me to gain a proper overview of the GDP process.

Isatec on site training – Jack Shock

GDP/RP Training

Very useful day with a good overview of MHRA GMP & GDP process, procedures and roles and responsibilities.

Isatec on site training – Andrew King

GDP/RP Training

Very good overview of GDP requirements which has given me a much better understanding of client requirements for the services and products we supply.

Isatec on site training – Bill Castle

GDP/RP Training

Very impressed, covered the majority of topics.

James Weston – Orderline

GDP Training

Good knowledge and practical insight into the requirements.

Simon James

A very informative overview of GDP and the role of the RP. Great to be able to discuss GDP issues with Brian and with others on the course.

Alastair Farquhar

The course is very informative and comprehensive which covers all aspects of EU GDP guidelines.

Haidar Al-Bukhari

Very good content and well presented.

Andrew Galloway

“Very informative training day.”

“Highly recommended”

Manus Mulligan

Very informative. Thank you.

Katie Wenlock - Link Medical

I have really enjoyed the training. Zul is a very good communicator and very approachable. 🙂

Sonia Garcia Scriano - Caligorrx

Informative and enjoyable. Lots of new avenues identified as resources. Thanks!

Chrissie Sharman - Caligorrx

The day was fun and I enjoyed the review of GDP requirements!

Nancy Nielson from Idis

Very good informative trainer, excellent delivery on a rather dull topic. Kept our interest well which helped with learning. Jackie answered every questions I had. Thank you

Ross Johnston from Survitec

The trainer was highly skilled and professional. We now feel very well informed and supported to start our critical GDP inspection.

From Frank Carter Asante

Informative & Interactive. Thank you.

Rima Gupta from Mode Pharma

Excellent content and delivery. After the GDP/RP training course I’m feeling informed and empowered to ensure compliance.

David Jacobs from The DX

Very informative and delivered well. It was a good introduction into a subject I haven’t dealt with before.
Jackie kept the course “light & breezy”

Gemma Carnie from Survitec

I found the information very useful and interesting. I will use the information given in the future for orders I do and also to check all relevant procedures that are needed.

Nicola Taylor from Survitec

Jackie is very knowledgeable, I have learnt so much from her in so little time. Thank you Jackie for being a fountain of knowledge!

Mahmuda Kahatun superintended pharmacist

Great training session provided by Jackie. Could consider providing additional training material (sample forms and documents) for clients apart from the GDP guidelines.

Shish from SprinBio

This session has been very informative and an eye opener. Jackie was excellent in her delivery.

Mustafa Bhaiji from Manton Pharmacy

Very informative. Was hesitant about attending but very happy I did. Jackie was excellent.

Testimonial from Raj Samra

Very informative, Jackie created a relaxed atmosphere which was conducive to active participation of the whole group. Jackie also provided a summary of the recent MHRA convention which was very beneficial.

Testimonial from David Burns

The GPD session at PCL enabled me to focus on the really important things when it comes to getting your wholesale licence.

Dawn structured the workshop in a very lively and interactive way so it is easy to follow and to use her ideas for your own business. It was very helpful, I decided to book the Audit training too.

Testimonial from Eva Böllinghaus Pharmacist of an e-pharmacy in the UK

Jackie from PCL has the experience and ability to support new and existing pharmacy businesses unlike any other.

Phil Lawe Superintendent Pharmacist of an e-pharmacy in the UK

I think the PCL course dovetails very well with wholesaling as it provides practical course material with a good eye to Quality Management, which is the concern of our company with the MHRA inspection process beginning soon.

Raul GP pharmacy manager Suffolk

Pharmacy Consulting has been performing consultancy work for Vygon for several years, during that time they have provided us with a very professional and efficient service. PCL helped Vygon obtain their original Wholesale Dealers Licence and have provided Responsible Person  (RP) support to our Quality Team ever since.  PCL guided us successfully through our MHRA inspection. More recently, Jackie delivered GDP update training sessions for me and my deputy when I started in my new role as Head of QA/RA.  I would recommend PCL to any organisation that needs support in their pharmaceutical operations.


Vicky Muir

QA/RA Manager


Testimonial from Vygon

Kim was helpful at answering all my questions and advise on how to do things independently or with the help of PCL.

Testimonial from a Pharmacist Trainee

The training was delivered in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The elements of the training were explained in a clear and concise manner and the course was tailored around your individual requirements. The day was enjoyable and I would not hesitate to use your company again.

Tracy Tollervey from CPG – Logistic.

Testimonial from CPG -Logistic trainee

Pharmacy Consulting have provided us with a prompt and professional service, including advice, GDP training and helping us with a robust customised Quality System.

During this time they have been committed to fully understanding our company needs and have consistently delivered excellent service.

I would highly recommend PCL to any business for peace of mind and sound professional advice.



Ben Funnell


Universal PS

Testimonial from Universal PS

We contracted PCL provide us with help and guidance and training, relating to pharmaceutical transportation, we found Jackie and her team to be helpful, knowledgeable and pragmatic in their advice. The training sessions went well and were very useful in helping us understand the subject.


We looked long and hard for an industry expert in this field and we certainly found one in PCL.


Andrew Fox

DX (Group) plc


Pharmaceutical Transportation

We appointed PCL to assist us with our new CQC compliance registration. From start to finish, they acted with professionalism and expertise; taking what at first seemed to be a tedious and daunting process and making it clear and easy to understand. Even after our successful registration, the consultant remained on hand to answer any outstanding questions and to ensure that we felt adequately prepared for a potential visit from the CQC. Having had such a positive experience, we have no hesitation in recommending PCL to any company who is considering their services

Pharmacy developing patient services

As a busy family run logistics business we are really grateful for the expertise of Pharmacy Consulting who came alongside us, pulling out all the stops to meet tight deadlines and helping us to elevate the standard of our Quality System.  Thanks to the assistance of Jackie and her team, we are now able to satisfy the exacting standards of larger pharmaceutical wholesalers thereby improving our offerings to our clients and opening up new avenues for our business in the future.


Steven Davies

Davies International Transport Limited

Logistic Business

It was a great pleasure to deal with Pharmacy Consulting Ltd (PCL).

I would recommend PCL to everyone especially young entrepreneurs about to embark upon owning their own pharmacy, be it in community pharmacy or Internet pharmacy.

I valued the advice and motivation that PCL has given me to pursue my dreams.

PCL’s knowledge in pharmacy regulation is vast and up to date and I will definitely use PCL again for my future projects

Testimonial from Farah Mohamed Community Pharmacist

I want to thank you again for your successful presentation made in London to our Pharma Group Europe conference.

Your detailed explanations for all the delegates were extremely interesting and enlightening.

Our international participants from Germany,  Austria, Switzerland and Romania expressed their praise and encouragement.


Zdenek Schmittz- Pharma Group Europe

Testimonial from Zdenek Schmittz- Pharma Group Europe

Pharmacy consulting helped us to map our warehouse and also to map our new pharmacy fridge they were much cheaper that the other quotes we had and they also trained up the staff on the cold chain SOPs we had jointly written. Thank you Jackie for all your help!

Testimonial from Aditya, Dartford

Since 2012 we have been using PCL for regulatory support, staff resourcing, training and general advice. We have consistently found that the whole team has a high level of technical competence, are always willing to get stuck in to help us and are able to come up with robust ideas to improve our systems. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services in any of these areas.



Testimonial From Integro Pharmacy - David Hammond

Pharmacy Consulting provided us with a very professional and efficient service over a number of extremely busy months. Not only were they flexible to our requirements but also to our workloads, time schedules and finances. Jackie Peck in particular was extremely aware of our needs and outcome requirements. For a small company such as ourselves this was invaluable. At all times Pharmacy Consulting kept us informed of any amendments, changes, monetary matters and as the client we felt it was a very professional service. The intended outcome was successfully achieved and the team at Pharmacy Consulting went above and beyond their duties as consultants for us. I cannot recommend them enough.


Testimonial from Seago Yachting- Dan Temple

Pharmacy consulting helped us to  choose the robot that best suited our requirements and it can be added to at a later date, my regular locum has rescinded his notice as he cannot cope better with the volume of prescriptions we dispense and he gets to sit  down to work !

Testimonial from a Community Pharmacy in Lincolnshire

I am glad that I contacted Pharmacy Consulting Limited (PCL). Jackie Peck helped me in understanding all aspects of community and internet pharmacy. She was helpful in conducting survey, preparing business plan and negotiation with wholesalers etc. She was extremely approachable and provided invaluable advice. She was proactive in helping and was very flexible. I will highly recommend Pharmacy Consulting Limited to all especially young entrepreneurs. It is a money well spent.

Testimonial from a Hospital Doctor in London

Pharmacy Consulting have provided our business with excellent support, advice and training with regard to obtaining Wholesale Dealers Authorisation following the implementation of European Commission Guidelines of 5 November 2013 on Good Distribution Practice, 2013/C 343/01. I would like to personally thank Dawn and her team for her personal assistance in securing the authorisation.

Testimonial from Link Medical Limited, Bramshill

Dawn ran a very informative session about GDP guidance and the role of the Responsible Person. This helped me understand further about my role as the Responsible Person and how to stay 100% compliant according to the guidelines. I also picked up key points on what to look for when looking at potential suppliers and warehouse facilities. All together an excellent session, worth every penny!


Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Client

GDP/RP Training Course

I found Pharmacy Consulting Ltd’s (PCL) input into the planning and installation of our ARX V Max extremely beneficial to the project.

The senior consultant from PCL met with me, the ARX project manager, and members of my shop fitting team, and we discussed the new pharmacy planned layout from PCL’s automation experience.  This was useful as having previously worked with robots, and also being a pharmacist he could provide valuable advice on where the machine outputs would be best positioned for the best workflow.

He returned to the pharmacy when we were up and running and observed the processes that we had developed and spoke to all the staff and got a good feel of how we were working. Having read his subsequent report, all his ideas seemed to make sense and I shared his report with all of my staff and we successfully implemented the suggested changes.

Independent community pharmacy owner

It was an absolute pleasure to meet with you and we are delighted given the extent of your contribution. There were many positive comments concerning your overall contribution. And as you are aware the workshops were exceptionally interesting for the audience. But also many colleagues made direct comments concerning your presentation which was rated as a highly clear and concise.

Ash Kay

Just wanted to say thank you for the training last week, was education and fun, and it was great to be able to spend time with a professional auditor.

Training Course Attendee

Jackie has the experience and ability to support new and existing pharmacy businesses unlike any other.

Phil LawesSuperintendent Pharmacist

We loved your training at Niche!

Petra PageNiche Generics

Jackie has proved to be a very knowledgeable and professional recruitment consultant, All communications have been very professional and I would not hesitate to recommend Jackie.

James CulleyMosaic Pharma Ltd.

Again, I stress how much I appreciate all your help, both today and through the whole journey of us striving to obtain our WDA(H).

Michael OgundeleAderemi Healthcare Ltd.

I found the course on Training to be a responsible person to be a very well thought and structured course which gave me the roles and resources to come away understanding the training given. It was very informative, topical and saved me time and money trying to wade through a minefield of work to become a responsible person – Jackie is highly qualified and delivers an excellent course, would highly recommend to anyone looking at wholesaling.

Chapelle RaoulStowhealth