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Do you feel isolated as an inhouse RP?

Come join our monthly forum. Guaranteed to have experienced RP Consultants on every forum. Ask your questions? Provide and share experiences in a controlled manner to increase your knowledge pool and keep your industry knowledge up to date.

We will be covering topics such as 

  • Inspection Preparation
  • Temperature Mapping
  • Packaging
  • Transportation Options
  • Goods Vehicle Movement
  • Distance Selling Guidelines
  • Bona Fides
  • Professional Bodies

And many more topics. 

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Why Consider Us for this course?

These forums are intended for operational RPs and quality departments focusing on aspects of the RP role, quality challenges and operation difficulties within the Pharmaceutical distribution sector. All our forums will include a digital quick reference guide on the topic and a certificate of attendance.

Schedule of Topics

January: Inspections – What to Expect

February: WDA Licences – what do you need on your licence?

March: Unlicensed Specials

April: How to use the MHRA Portal

May: Bona Fides

June: Passive shipper boxes vs temperature controlled vehicles

Our monthly forum format will be as follows

  1. Meet the Host
  2. Introduction to the Topic 
  3. Brief breakout / open discussion
  4. Pre-submitted Q & A


Having just completed the very informative API and Clinical Trail course (thank you Shankar) I was reminded of the traps we can fall into whereby we try to keep ourselves in our little boxes. At the MHRA symposium, I have heard several times comments such as:- “no, I’m not doing the GMP day as it’s not relevant to me” or “GDP? Oh, that doesn’t apply to us as we are manufacturers”. I am sure these comments were made well out of the earshot of MHRA personnel and on the face of it seem harmless enough, though clearly wrong.I truly believe that we should all expand our knowledge and understanding as much as possible, and certainly where there are crossovers with our speciality. For a Pharmacist or wholesaler, knowing more about GMP, APIs and Clinical Trials must be useful in our ability to fulfil our obligations in our own field. Yes, some aspects of GMP are very technical but there are big parts of it that can be used positively in the GDP arena.As my exasperated tutors used to say during my pharmacy degree, “you will only get the most out of the topic and excel, if you read around the subject”.
API and Clinical Trails Training

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