Care Quality Commission Workshop

We offer workshops for anyone wishing to find out more about CQC registration, you may:

  • Simply want to know whether you need to gain registration
  • Want to understand more about the registration process and how to complete the application form
  • Want to understand how you will inspected and what the Essential Standards mean
  • Want help in preparing your application

The workshop will give an overview of the requirements for CQC registration, providing a step by step guide to the application process and ongoing maintenance of registered status. We will provide a summary of recent CQC updates and guidance on the training for staff to meet the core requirements.

The workshop will also highlight ways in which you can prepare for inspection and prepare a set of suitable SOPs, providing you with the knowledge to submit a successful application.

As this subject is of a specialist nature we do not schedule regular workshops, if you are interested in attending a CQC workshop please contact us.

Why Consider Us for Your CQC Registration

We have a proven track record of successfully leading clients through this process.

Using the knowledge built up through these applications we can guide you through yours too and share our experiences within the training.

Our CQC Workshop Includes

  • An overview of the requirements to meet its 16 essential standards of quality and safety.
  • Application process
  • An overview  of Quality system, inspection
  • Index, SOPs, Risk Management.
  • Supporting Documents

Contact us for more information