You want a set of SOPs in preparation for a licence application or in preparation for an audit/inspection , where do you go?


The Internet? – well yes there are plenty of SOPs on the internet, indeed a set of one of the biggest retail pharmacy chain’s SOPs can be found online.


Purchasing a library of SOPs from a reseller? – again there are many out there wanting to sell you very comprehensive sets of SOPs for most applications


Commission a bespoke set of SOPs for your business? – yes but isn’t this expensive


The sad reality is that bodies such as NHS England and the MHRA can sniff out SOPs that have been sourced from the first two options even if they are well written and up to date, they are expecting to see a set of SOPs that are genuinely relevant to your individual business. No two businesses are the same and therefore no two sets of SOPs should be either. Of course you can take someone else’s SOPs and tailor them to your needs but this takes a surprising amount of time and resource, so why not speak to us at Pharmacy Consulting to discuss your needs. Whether it is a review and update of your current SOPs or the writing of a bespoke set for a new business or activity we can help in a surprisingly cost effective way. Within the team we have huge experience of creating SOPs that incorporate all of the latest regulation and professional guidance and use our experience of dealing with the regulators to ensure they meet their expectations………………………SOPs should be anything but Standard