With snow on our door step have you got a contingency plan?

Do you ship your products via airplane? Is it going to be delayed?

How remote is your warehouse or pharmacy?

Can your team get to work in the event of extreme weather conditions?

Are you able to maintain the temperature of your products during a deep freeze?

If you have a team member that is responsible for the Recall process for example what happens if they are unwell?

Is there someone who can step into their job role and be able to carry out the process?

Can you answer these questions? Is it documented? Would your team know what to do?

Whether you are a pharmacy or warehouse you need to be prepared for potential disasters. From extreme weather conditions to your quality manager/pharmacist crashing the car on the way to work, you need to be prepared. You will need to document the process you intend to follow in the event of a disaster as well as train the team around you so they understand where and what they would have to do.

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