Yorkshire Pharmacy Automation

The clients challenge

Having independently commissioned plans from one particular automation supplier and one pharmacy shop-fitter , and having had no prior experience of automation, the client decided at the last minute that as the automation investment was so significant, it was well worth getting an independent opinion before signing off the automation order.

The solution

Prior to visiting the client in Yorkshire, we reviewed the proposed plans of the automated dispensary and the draft automation contract.  Then, in a pre-planned one day visit to the Pharmacy, we advised the client on how to improve the pharmacy design and advised them on several aspects of the automation contract that could be improved for their benefit

The customer benefits

The client felt more confident, after receiving our independent advice, that what they were buying would really allow them to achieve their objectives.  They saved money by accepting a suggestion that they could re-use some of the existing pharmacy drawers and saved further money as a result of several aspects of advice provided by us focusing on the draft automation contract itself, which they would otherwise have been signed unaltered.


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November 28, 2014