Existing NHS contracts which have been traded and are for sale

Through many years’ experience preparing SWOT analysis, marketing plans and business cases to develop pharmacy businesses, we can help the potential new pharmacy owner in many ways.  We will endeavour to negotiate the best value for money price based on the net asset value for the business.  The purchaser may wish to ask for warranties and we can help appraise and carry out due diligence on their potential purchase to ensure there will be no hidden surprises once the Pharmacy is purchased.  The seller may insist on a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or a Confidentiality  Agreement.

When buying an existing pharmacy, much of the asking price will be for ‘goodwill’ and we can help to ensure that the pharmacy is worth the asking price while also helping to ensure that you as the buyer have enough information about the business in order to help with the negotiations and enhance your bargaining power.


The Pharmacy Consulting Solution

  1. Financial appraisal and an introduction to a pharmacy specialist accountant and solicitor to ensure a smooth sale.
  2. Site survey
  3. SWOT & Due diligence & Non Competes
  4. Confidential independent negotiations


Having successfully acquired a pharmacy contract, we can also support you with:

  • Marketing Plan
  • Insurance
  • Service development
  • Recruitment
  • HR & Training
  • Quality System review or development
  • Signposting to funding
  • Signposting to  business coaching
  • Specialist Pharmacy Financial Services
  • Website design and development
  • Lease reviews  & premises suitability assessment
  • GPhC inspection of the pharmacy site
  • Warehouse Licence application and SWOT to see if it is a potential earner
  • Acquiring the Warehouse Licence and acting as contract RP for the licence.


Selling your pharmacy

Having acquired your licence, you may at a future stage consider selling your pharmacy.

We can help by:

  • Improving the sales and streamlining costs to make more bottom line profits to help the seller achieve a better price
  • Negotiate
  • Helping the new buyer obtain their funds
  • Helping the new buyer obtain insurances

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12 December 2014

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