Introduction to the Responsible Person import (RPi) Role (online)

As the UK leaves the EU, the impact on the pharmaceutical industry is immense. This session is an overview of considerations to ensure compliant trading within Europe from 1 Jan 2021.

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Why Consider us for this Course?

If you work in a company who imports from outside the UK, from 1st January 2021, it will need to nominate a Responsible Person for Imports (RPi).

The RPi has an important role in ensuring that only bona fide quality medicines are imported into the UK. They are there to ensure appropriate checks and systems are in place, and there is evidence of this.

To register as an RPi  you must have undergone suitable training and understand the industry. RPi’s will have a legal responsibility to ensure that imported medicines are certified by a Qualified Person prior to being placed on the UK market. If you are named on the Qualified Persons register you are eligible to act as a RPi, however you must still register.

The course is beneficial for anyone in the pharmaceutical industry, to help them understand this new RPi role, the scope, and how to register.

Our RPi Course Includes

During the course we will cover, but will not be limited to the key subject areas listed below.

  • Implications of Brexit
  • QP Certification
  • The role of the RPi
  • The MHRA “White List”
  • Medical Devices
  • Marketing Authorisations
  • Clinical Trials


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