Good Distribution Practice ( GDP ) including Responsible Person ( RP) Roles and Responsibilities Training

Our one-day Introduction to GDP Training provides an overview into the Good Distribution Practice Guidelines, the roles and Responsibilities of the Responsible Person (RP) and the competent authorities that enforce the rules and regulations to ensure compliance when handling and distributing medicinal products.

The pharmaceutical industry is a highly regulated sector where the paramount focus on minimising the risk to patient safety has led to significant changes in recent years.

The course would be beneficial for any personnel involved in pharmaceutical distribution looking to obtain a general understanding of GDP and the regulations a Wholesale Distributor of medicinal products must adhere to. The course will also provide an insight into the competent authority and their role in ensuring patient safety.

Why This Course?

You may already wholesale medicines, be an RP, or a Pharmacist who has a desire to become an RP in the future. Here are some questions that help to demonstrate why this course would be useful to you …

  • Do you know when a pharmacy or wholesaler needs a WDA(H)?
  • Have you heard of the Human Medicines Regulation 2012?
  • You have a WL or you may be in the process of applying for one?
  • You may want a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the ‘RP’ role?
  • Do you need a ‘RP’ to work with you to train your team? We can come to you if you prefer?
  • How can stop counterfeit medicines getting into my supply chain?
  • Does your GP practice want to apply to the MHRA to obtain a wholesale dealers licence ?
  • Do you want your logistics company to have a warehouse licence?
  • Do you want to map the temperature of your pharmacy warehouse , vehicle or fridge?

Why use us?

PCL RPs, have been both ‘Employed’ and ‘Contract’ RPs for several companies and have a wealth of experience. We provide a personal and bespoke service to fit your needs. We are competitive and will come to your location if required, in addition to our scheduled courses.

Who should attend?

The one day course will benefit:

  • Quality managers
  • Personnel in regulatory compliance
  • Distribution & Warehouse staff
  • Supply chain management
  • Customer service
  • Pharmacy team members who want to wholesale medicines

Learning outcomes & guidance on the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. Quality Management
  3. Personnel
  4. Premises & Equipment
  5. Documentation
  6. Operations
  7. Complaints, Returns, Suspected Falsified Medicinal Products & Medicinal Product Recalls
  8. Outsourced Activities
  9. Self-Inspections
  10. Transportation
  11. Brokers
  12. The Role of The Competent Authority
  13. Competency Questionnaire

Training Schedule:

0930 – 1000  Arrival and coffee

1000 – 1200  G D P and RP ‘Roles and Responsibilities’

1200 – 1300  Temperature Mapping, Monitoring & Validation

1300 – 1400  Lunch and learn from each other

1400 – 1445  Audits of procedures, policies, up and coming changes.

1445 – 1500  Coffee

1500 – 1645  QMS, Management of incidents & complaints & inspections

1645 – 1700  Insight into buying and selling medicines


Here are some kind words from attendees of previous RP training courses …

“Very efficient and effective. Covered all areas of training.” – John Elliott KWE

GDP/RP Training

Sandeep has a great knowledge of the subject “A good course”.


24/04/2019 – Guy Spires from PRS distribution

GDP/RP Training

‘Really clear and concise and very helpful to point out how much work is still required of us. A great start to the RP journey.’

Jon Barden

GDP/RP Training

‘Really informative, knowledgeable and interactive. Would recommend.’

Rachel Bown

GDP/RP Training

“Course was very informative and taught/explained very well.”

Craig – Course Rating 9/10

GDP Training

“Kim was able to give good examples, in order to understand. She would also ask us specific questions and if we didn’t understand she would word it in a different way which really helped me to understand GDP.”

Suzi – Course Rating 8/10

GDP Training

“Very interactive, answered all my questions and pointers in the right direction.”

Ade – Course Rating 9/10

GDP Training

“MHRA GDP guidelines are numerous and specific and potentially serious if not followed. The training went through each point in a common sense way, so the guidelines have appeared far more admirable and attainable.”

Philip Hodgkinson – Course Rating 10/10

GDP Training

“A lot of valuable information to digest! Thank you.”

Anna Drys – Course rating 9/10

GDP Training

“Well structured and presented course. Puveshni was very knowledgeable in the field and benefited her experience.”

Abdirahman – Course Rating 10/10

GDP Training

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