Good Distribution Practice (GDP) update training in line with the new MHRA Green Guide 2022

Our new GDP update training provides an overview of the changes as defined in the MHRA Green Guide 2022, which is hot off the press.

Why This Course?

If you are a wholesaler of medicines or hold a WDA, MS or MIA or if you work for an organisation that holds one of these authorisations then this course is for you. This course provides an update that is aimed at everyone within your organisation and can be delivered either face to face or online.

Why use us?

Pharmacy Consulting’s (PCL) Responsible Persons (RP), have been both ‘Employed’ and ‘Contract’ RPs for several companies and have a wealth of experience. We provide a personal and bespoke service to fit your needs. We are competitive and will come to your location if required, in addition to our scheduled courses.

Who should attend?

This course will benefit:

  • Licence Holders
  • Quality managers
  • Personnel in regulatory compliance
  • Distribution & Warehouse staff
  • Supply chain management and Logistic partners
  • Customer service
  • Pharmacy team members who want to wholesale medicines
  • Finance

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