With community pharmacy contracts being so difficult to get, more and more people are considering the distance selling pharmacy (DSP) model.

At the moment these contracts are except from the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) i.e. you do not have to prove a need. This exception may not last, so if you are even thinking about a DSP do not wait for too long and maybe run the risk of missing the boat.

The team at PCL have had a great success in applying for new distance selling contracts for our customers. Come to one of our workshops to find out more about the application process and decide if you want to continue on your own or if you would like us to prepare the application for you. We work with our clients in the way that suits them so we can do as much of the process that you want us to do or perhaps you would like us to simply review your application and SOP’s before you submit them?

Our next workshop is on April 29th! Contact us today to find out more.