Do you store medicinal First Aid Kits or Seasickness Tablets?

Do you have a storage site that service your chandleries?

Do you supply life rafts? Do you know if there are any medicines in the rafts?

Do you know you require authorisation to distribute medicine?


In order for a company based in the UK to distribute medicines you must hold a Wholesale Distribution Authorisation(h). The activities relating to distributing medicines is regulated by the MHRA, and you must comply with the law, primarily the Guidelines on Good Distribution Practice.

How does this affect me? I hear you ask. . .

If you distribute, store or supply medicinal First Aid Kits, Seasickness Tablets or Life Rafts containing medicines you are distributing medicines. This includes ordering a product and sending direct to customer from supplier. The Law does not exempt you from the rules, you must comply, the deadline for the marine sector to comply was the 1st December 2014.

If you have not applied yet, do not put your head in the sand and believe they will not visit! The next customer through the door could be an inspector!

The time for you to place your head in the sand has been and gone, ACT NOW!

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