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Mandatory Logo of Internet Pharmacies in the EU









As more and more of us are going online to purchase medicines there has been a worldwide growth in the number of internet pharmacies selling counterfeit (falsified) medicines. Oftensuch medicines are harmful as they may be substandard, not contain the correct active medicine or worse contain harmful ingredients.

In an attempt to stop the trade in falsified (counterfeit) medicines within the EU, all online pharmacies will be required to display the new EU logo from the 1st of July 2015.

The logo incorporates the flag of the member state in which the pharmacy is registered and is linked to the national competent authority so that the buyer can click on the logo and ensure they are dealing with a certified pharmacy. In the UK the logo will be hyperlinked to the MHRA.

Internet pharmacies are required to display this logo on every page of their website

It should be noted that the EU common logo is a legal requirement, unlike the GPhC logo which is voluntary.

The penalty for selling medicines online without being registered and not displaying the logo is up to 2 years in prison or a fine or both.

You can register your internet pharmacy on the MHRA portal