The GPhC consider a pharmacy professional fit to practice when they can demonstrate the skills, knowledge, character and health required to do their job safely and effectively.

They describe fitness to practice as a person’s suitability to be on the register without restrictions. In practical terms, this means; maintaining appropriate standards of proficiency, ensuring you are of good health and good character and you are adhering to principles of good practice set out in various GPhC standards, guidance and advice.

When submitting your fitness to practice form you must declare two referees. Although it does not state on the form that these must be pharmacists it is our experience that if they are not, the NHS England area team will return the form.

Be careful when choosing your referees! The references will be scrutinised and from recent experience we have found that someone from NHS England will ring to verify the reference. The referee will be asked to describe how they came to each conclusion and provide examples.

This can seriously affect your application so think carefully before you decide who to ask for a reference!