Editorial Items

Apart from updating our popular blog page, we provide pharmaceutical industry editorials to those who will benefit from our extensive expertise.

The list below shows a range of subjects that we’ve written about for pharmacy magazines, to include in software products, and as part of our training products.

  • MHRA regulations
  • Wholesale Distribution Authorisation – WDA(H)
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Buying and selling pharmacies
  • Pharmacy business development
  • Good Distribution Practice (GDP)
  • Pharmacy Automation
  • Distance Selling Pharmacies




A Fish Eye View



Autumn/Winter edition of Today’s Pharmacist 2014

Topics Covered

Jackie Peck, Managing Director of Pharmacy Consulting  published an editorial about the need for the regulators to harmonise their approaches to prevent the disparities between players involved in the medicinal product supply chain from manufacture to the patient as an end user.

Fish Eye (2)

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Pharmacy Automation



September 2013

Topics Covered

Jackie Peck, Managing Director of Pharmacy Consulting presents a case study surrounding the use of automation in the pharmacy dispensing process. Using real life case studies see how pharmacy automation allows a pharmacy to improve customer service, reduce dispensing errors, and free up staff time. See how the situation can be a win-win with the pharmacy able to deliver and develop other in house patient services whilst patients have improved access to healthcare in their local community.

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