Plan your export. Do not leave it to the last minute

Planning an export shipment is not as easy as it seems, nothing like sending pharmaceutical products to one end of UK to the end or to the EU. Specially that we are close to becoming a “third country”, you must be prepared on how to transport medical products out of the UK. Do not risk your wholesale license, so here are a few very important points you must consider:

GDP Responsible Person Cogent “Gold Standard” Training formally recognised by the MHRA

Over the last few years, many companies like ourselves have offered a number of courses to help companies train their employees about being compliant. For most companies, the current courses available are enough to ensure they understand what is excepted of them by the MHRA. Like most things, this is changing, and a basic understanding is not enough anymore. For those looking to be RPs (Responsible Persons) or even directors of companies they now need more in-depth training. Over the last year, we have been looking at a way into how Pharmacy Consulting can help business with this. Following this, we have been Cogent accredited and can offer our GDP Responsible Person Cogent “Gold Standard” Training formally recognised by the MHRA.

Do you have the correct licences for supply of Controlled Drugs?

Are you a Wholesaler exporting Controlled Drugs or are planning to expand your product range to include Controlled Drugs? Do you hold a valid United Kingdom Controlled Drug Licence from the Home Office – if not you should and your WDA (H) may need to be varied to...


If you Export from the UK, have you kept up with the current requirements of GDP? Do you know what the MHRA will expect of you at your next inspection? Do you do the following: Use “EXW” Incoterms? Do you check if the products your customer has collected have been...