Brexit will definitely make wholesalers review their standard operating procedures (SOPs) to comply with the new laws and regulations. Will have to looking at reviewing of key procedures, documentations and policies to reflect the upcoming changes. What kind of changes can affect our business? Just a couple of to list:

  • FMD is changing, coding is being introduced, wholesalers must be familiar to the reader alerts and act accordingly.

Also the Warehouse Management System should be able to adopt to the new scanning system.

  • Transport routes should be re-risk assessed due to UK and other customs. Due of the changes delays might occur.
  • Pharmaceutical product recall procedures have to be more robust including the country recall process where the customer/end user based.
  • Responsible Person and key management personnel should be more cautious with products being procured and imported to the UK.
  • Any return should be investigated.

Be aware of the changes and update processes to be GDP compliant.