As always get your checklist out and manage them to carry on trading, be able to receive from the EU/EEA and send out pharmaceutical goods from the UK.

Make sure your organization is ready when Brexit hits. What should you have ready before Brexit happens?

Check your:

  1. (EORI) Economic Operator Registration and Identification number: which must start with GB to continue importing goods, If you do not have one, then you will only be able to move goods between Ireland and North Ireland. (You can apply for it on the website).
  2. Custom procedures: Will you do the declarations yourself or hire an agent to do them for you?
  3. Importation procedure: Choose a suitable procedure, using the transitional simplified procedures or (CTC) Common Transit Convention or other available procedures.
  4. Check the duty and tax rate and required documentation for the type of products being imported (eg.: new licence, relabelling)
  5. Last but not least, get support to make sure your transactions will be as smooth and delay-free as it was before the Brexit.