The full impact of Brexit may not be known for years to come, but it is clear the implications it has for healthcare in the UK and Europe.

A survey of EU doctors by BMA found 42% of EU doctors admitted to considering leaving the UK as a result of the Brexit vote. The BMA is calling for arrangements of recognition of professional qualification and patient-safety measures to be in place between the UK and EU post-Brexit.

They have also warned that ensuring a flexible approach to EU immigration post-Brexit is as vital to medical research collaboration as to frontline NHS care, as is continued access to the funding the EU provides.

The Royal Society published figures stating the UK received contributions of approximately €5.4bn from the EU between 2007 and 2013.

By leaving the EU, the UK will need to define new relationship with those organisations responsible for regulating safety standards in health or develop a new approach. These include the European Medicines Agency.

Ref: BMA News 3 June 2017