With a crazy week where Gatwick was ground to a stand still by a drone and many thousands of passengers pilots and flight crew have had their holiday plans scuppered as a result of a criminals activities, can we really see medicines being delivered by a drone? How can we qualify and validate this delivery mode and ensure that the medicinal quality will not be affected and that the drone will stay in their dedicated airspace?

Porsche has announced  the commissioning of its fully electric truck as part of Porsche’s “zero-impact factory” strategy and it is the first vehicle of its kind to go into production in Germany. The “eTruck” uses lithium-ion batteries which enabling the truck to cover a range of 130 kilometres with low noise emissions and no mechanical braking.

The development of this mode of transport will revolutionise the delivery of all types of product and may be very useful for repetitive deliveries of short duration. Watch this space.