Is it me or are we getting angrier? Actually thinking about it, it’s probably more accurate to say more irritable and less able to control that irritation. Crime figures and other related statistics seem to show that we are becoming a less aggressive society (physically), but it seems to be increasingly common for people to think it is acceptable to eff and jeff, out loud, when things irritate us.

An example; on a flight into Gatwick the other night we were advised by the Captain that we had arrived 25minutes ahead of schedule, all well and good you might think! The cabin manager then came on to say that due to our early arrival we would have to ‘park’ at the South Terminal instead of the North but we could use the ‘free’ shuttle to get back to the North Terminal if we needed, taking approx. 2minutes. A couple of minutes later she came on with a correction saying that there would be buses laid on to take us straight to the North Terminal, it was at this point that one of the passengers standing right next to the Cabin Manager gave her a mouthful. So as passengers what did all of this ‘hassle’ mean, well I was still in the car park 10minutes before we were even supposed to land!!!!

I really do think we have lost the ability to think about what we say before we open our mouths, but then again I may be just ****ing proving my own point.