Being a pharmaceutical wholesaler we have to approve/bona fide your suppliers and customers. It is the requirements of Good Distribution Practice (Chapter 5.2. Qualification of suppliers & 5.3. Qualification of customers), the Green Guide book. Performing the verification on your supplier before procuring and on your customer before you can supply products are crucial! Also, only your Responsible Person can approve them, you are not allowed to sell products to unapproved wholesalers. You can get your license suspended if not verifying properly.

You must get the full picture of the supplier or customer business model, meaning you must check what can they sell or procure. You are responsible to procure and supply within your and their scope, otherwise, you making a supply out of your scope/business model which is not legal.

 You must have the following checks ticked for a UK wholesaler:

  • A full copy of the WDA/GDP certificate (check the expiry date, the scope – are you allowed to sell/are they allowed to procure)
  • EudraGMDP register check (check the expiry date and scope)
  • MHRA register check
  • Crosscheck the licence number, name, address, site address(es)
  • VAT number check (valid or not)
  • Company registration number check
  • Company Website check
  • Google map check of the company
  • In case of Controlled Drug, must obtain a copy of Home Office licence (licence only valid for 12 months)

Your supplier or customer is not based in the EEA/EU? You should still make the above checks excluding the MHRA register check. PCL offering bona fide checks to help you approve your supplier and/or customer. Please contact us for more information.