At a GDP and Export conference earlier this year I was reminded of the value and importance of modern medicine. It was a timely and appropriate jolt because all of us – without exception – has known, knows, or is going to know someone thankful for the advances in life enhancing medicine.

The speaker in question – eloquent and candid – spoke of a family member whose life is now dependant on, but extended by, the drugs provided to him. It isn’t a cure, he explained, and it isn’t without side-effects. But they’re an ongoing aid to prolong his days, push back the pain, and repel the dread disease. The speaker talked movingly and intelligently of the link between the necessary conditions on pharmaceutical distribution and the gift of a continued presence of someone who could otherwise not still be with us.

Amidst the maelstrom of active-packaging diagrams and shipping lane qualifications, it was a poignant message. All who were there could not fail to be driven by it. Personal but universally relevant. A digression with, and for, purpose.

So, GDP. Let’s not lose sight of what it’s about and what the end results can bring.

Written by Brian Lindsay