Are you looking to set up a new business venture somewhere within the medicine supply chain?

There are certainly plenty of opportunities and the returns can be attractive, as a result many people and organisations are looking to enter this sector often with little or no real knowledge of the complexities. But the legal and regulatory environment can be an absolute minefield. Getting Pharmacy Consulting involved right at the start could sound like an unnecessary expense but we believe it is a worthwhile and sensible approach. We can review your business plan, advise on the licences you require and the costs associated with these as well as the likely timelines involved.  We may be able to advise alternative more effective or flexible routes to take. Surely it’s better to get this checked out before you invest time, energy and money in other perhaps more exciting things like premise and people. Unfortunately on too many occasions we get called in when considerable unnecessary amounts have already been invested.

We can’t unfortunately guarantee commercial success but we can make sure you set off on your new venture compliant with all of the legal and regulatory requirements. Why not call us to arrange a scoping meeting.