MSC Gülsün announced that their first 23.000+teu vessel Container Ship has completed its landmark from Asia to Europe. This new container ship is built to have the largest capacity and be able to produce low CO2 emission to be environment friendly by lowering the carbon footprint during the supply chain.

 This 400meter long and 60meter wide monster is built by Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea, Geoje Shipyard is the first shipyard certified by the world`s three highly recognized international standards; ISO 9001(Management Quality), ISO14001(Environment Management) and OHSAS 18001(Safe and Healthy Working Environment Management). Also follows standards such as OHSAS 18001 (comprehensive management system), iSO 14001 (international environment management system)  and ISO50001 energy management system standards. This ship is also a smartie, as 68% of production is done by intelligent robot systems.

What a way to going forward in sea freight!

But to focus on pharmaceutical, especially cold chain products which always a huge risk in terms of transportation,  the ship is equipped with 2000 refrigerated containers, so now your cold chain products are in safe hands as well. But of course, as it is a new “toy”, must be risk assessed and test shipped! (Source: Multimodal and Samsungshi)