The Government must prioritise Public Health over the economy as never before.  There is an urgent need to test front line, healthcare workers. A quick serological test is essential to show who has the infection and who is immune.

This novel Coronavirus is very infectious and each patient with the virus is infecting at least three other people which is why we must self-isolate to prevent the spread of the virus to others

Junior doctors need guidance and the senior medical staff are being re-deployed. Anaesthetists are being tasked to anaesthetise the sickest patients and get them onto ventilators. These patients will be on the ventilator for ten days or more.

The UK is trying to flatten the rising curve of infected patients to allow the NHS to cope with the number of patients it will be presented with to treat.

The virus is clever and can travel by droplets, virus are parasites and they need a host, this is a novel virus and they need the human body to survive. The virus can land on surfaces and then if we touch our face we are bringing the virus near to the face and to an entrance into the body. This is why we must keep your distance and wash your hands.

The evidence is that 80 % of infected patients will have mild symptoms and 20 % will require hospitalisation. Patients have been advised to take Paracetamol as a medicine of choice for the high temperatures experienced by Covid patients.  Ibuprofen has been reported in a few cases to dampen down the immune system, slowing the recovery process. In China Roche has won approval for its anti-inflammatory tocilizumab, Actemra, which can be used to treat patients with severe symptoms. The new medicines may help to prevent organ failure in very sick patients.