Planning an export shipment is not as easy as it seems, nothing like sending pharmaceutical products to one end of UK to the end or to the EU. Especially that we are close to becoming a “third country”, you must be prepared on how to transport medical products out of the UK. Do not risk your wholesale license, so here are a few very important points you must consider:

  • First you must plan your route ahead. We advise you to also risk assess your route and do not forget about your packaging. What kind of packaging you are using will be key during the journey as well as your mode of transport and your chosen qualified transport logistic provider, office of departure and office of destination. 
  • Check If you need to complete an export declaration
  • Check if you need to complete a transit declaration (T1, T2, T2F). To be able to do this you will need reference numbers from different local agents.

PCL offering Export support, so if you are in any way of confusion or stuck, please do not hesitate to contact us. And do not forget, if you Exporting, then be trained on Export procedure! Come to us,  call us on 01252 375362.