Do you keep your RP informed? Is your RP aware of the little problems you’ve encountered along the way? And the seemingly harmless solutions you’ve applied.  Has he or she been made aware of the time you organised that half-hour non-qualified transportation? Or when a shipment was delayed at Customs? Or the Uncontrolled copies of SOP’s flying around the building? The answer is hopefully yes. And hopefully the issue has been brought up more than a day before an Inspection  -and certainly before it comes out in the Inspection itself because, no matter however much of a  thrill-seeker the RP may be, surprises like those are not really appreciated.

Problems happen all the time in any operational business, dilemmas and irregularities can often seem the norm. Your Responsible Person is there to help, advise and guide where possible, and document the anomalies when necessary.

Keep the RP in the loop.