Ok so basically we voted out!

And here forth may the games begin. Possibly two years’ worth and beyond!

We are now in a state of uncertainty and there appears to be an element of information overload.  The truth is, we don’t know what the planners have planned and what the negotiators have on the agenda (hidden or not).

We know there are questions over the future regulation of medicines, access to the single market, intellectual property and the nature of the future relationship of the UK with the EU.  This is by far a ‘few’ of the challenges for areas of research, jobs and investment.

Access to the centralised procedure for the marketing of medicines may technically be ‘possible’ as it is already in place for countries such as Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland (outside the EU), but will the EU allow this for the UK? Bearing in mind that there is an expectation (speculation!)  for some EU countries (France, Netherlands, Hungary – to name a few) to follow the UK; raises the question of whether this will result in ‘harsher penalties’ and a less sweetened deal so as to set a precedent for other countries NOT to follow!

The only certainty right now is that this negotiation and proposition of changes is a task of some magnitude.

I am hoping that the Prime Minister, our newly appointed foreign minister and all other ministers concerned, will issue a change control and implement proper consultations, considerations, risk assessments etc. prior to taking the proposed changes to the negotiating table.  Hopefully if they run this procedure the way quality systems ought to run, we wouldn’t be faced with many surprises.  Or should I say; many MORE surprises! Well, time will tell!