The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have created a campaign to combat the selling of fake medicines online. More than half of the medicines sold online are fake or unlicensed. Common examples are erectile dysfunction medication, ‘smart pills’ and miracle diet pills. Most make fantastic claims however few contain the correct amount of active ingredient scarily some contain no active ingredient. As they are unlicensed and uncontrolled, the ingredients stated on the packaging may not be contained within. The result is they are unlikely to have the benefit you are buying them for and could cause, potentially dangerous, side effects.

The FAKEMEDs campaign is designed to educate young adults of the safest ways to buy medicines ensuring they avoid unregistered online sources. The campaign also intends to raise awareness of the risks associated with fake medicines and devices.

As an online seller of medicines you must ensure you take the necessary steps to ensure you do not sell fake medicines. there are a number of precautions and actions you can take to ensure your website is deemed a legitimate source:

  • Ensure your website is registered for the EU logo of approved online (distance selling) retailers on the MHRA portal
  • Ensure your supply is legitimate by carrying out due diligence checks – do they have a license to supply? Can you visit the supplier? Are they registered with company house? Do they have a website?
  • Ensure you do not purchase when the price is too good to be true
  • Ensure you are licensed to sell/distribute the medicines you intend to sell
  • Ensure if you intend to sell medical devices that they are legitimately CE marked
  • Ensure you have a secure payment system in place that protects your consumers’ confidentiality

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