FPM Annual Symposium 2021

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Blog

Pharmacy Consulting’s Dr Fraser Peck presented the Stonier Lecture at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine’s Annual Symposium after winning the Stonier Prize. The theme of this year’s conference included AI, digital health and clinical trials adaptations and innovations.

Dr Fraser Peck gave the lecture alongside the pharmaceutical industry’s rock stars including the CMO of BioNTech and the Chief Digital Health Officer R&D of Astra Zeneca.

Dr June Raine FFPM Chief Executive of the MHRA,  presented “The agility of the MHRA in licensing new medicines post-Covid and post-Brexit: What are the opportunities and challenges?” Her presentation showed how fast and flexible regulatory strategies allow medicines to be administered safely and more quickly to patients.

The second speaker was Dr Fraser Peck, a Pharmaceutical Medicine Trial Physician at Richmond Pharmaceuticals and who works part time at Pharmacy Consulting. His presentation was titled “Machine Learning’s window through the eye to morbidity” and gave us a glimpse of how AI and computer learning can aid clinical research, can help us understand the effects of medicines and IMP on the eye whilst augmenting and driving pharmaceutical innovations that will change the future of clinical trials.


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