What is the risk of not meeting you suppliers and customers face to face? Call me old fashioned but I like to know who I am dealing with. I like to see the white of their eye, their premises, their procedures.

With Valentine’s Day, fast approaching sweethearts are looking for suitable tokens to express their love for their loved ones.   Flirting face to face is now old Hat and flicking RIGHT to show you like someone on your Tinder App is the way to go we are told! But what do we know about the person? We have a photo, we have an age which is often   5 or 10 years less than the person’s age. We have a description of the person, that is if they take the time to create one.    But young and old are meeting after chatting for a short period time and they may even meet having never spoken, but just after a short messaging exchange.


This to me is like the numerous wholesalers who check a WDA on line on the MHRA website and say Oh great they can supply me with the products I am looking for. These medicines may be POMs. The supplier may even be local, but they will often purchase the medicines, often with a very high value without visiting the warehouse, without checking the companies house website. Without doing full bona fides checks. Is it any wonder if they have Export on their WDA that their newly found supplier is selling them potentially Falsified Medicines? Without asking the supplier to provide a copy of their WDA, asking them to fill in a new customer questionnaire and asking to visit or audit them they may see it as fare game! So, my plea is to all young lovers or young RPs or young businesses, please do your homework. Please ask some more questions do your research, risk assess your date or your medicines purchase and most of all be SAFE!