Is your pharmacy at risk by the proposed funding cuts? Can you survive a proposed 12% funding cut? Have you looked at your figures?  The C +D have reported a leaked government document which suggests that only  1,380 pharmacy sites out of 11,674 in England will receive a share of the £12 million funds which are to be made available to help pharmacies in locations a mile or more from another pharmacy or if they are in an area where it can be seen that there is a high need patient group. Pharmacies who are in the top 25% will not be eligible and pharmacies who are thought to be able to survive the cut and remain viable due to their dispensing volumes will receive no help. The funding will not be significant and is estimated to be an average of £8,500 in 2016-17 and £19,500 in 2017-18. Pharmacies need to start to plan for this cut now, to ensure that they are not going to have make staff redundant or worst case, close their doors. Have you thought about other services you could offer to try to make back the proposed loss of revenue.