Cosmetic procedures allowed to be performed on patients, without the patient knowing if the person performing it was qualified to do so.

Nuffield Council on Bioethics reported on Cosmetic Procedures: Ethical Issues stated, “there is nothing to stop completely unqualified people from providing risky procedures” and calling it “unethical”. It also calls on the government to legislate to protect the public from the risks. There are calls for the government to legislate dermal fillers as prescription-only.

Although procedure providers are not allowed to call themselves doctors, there is nothing to stop them calling themselves ‘aesthetic surgeons’. The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners is preparing to launch a register. The public will be able to look up individual practitioners and check if they have been given the industry standard quality mark. It also recommends that practitioners of non-surgical cosmetic procedures should communicate with their clients’ general practitioners.

Currently there are pharmacies out there that provide fillers by private prescriptions by registered doctors and prescribers, but should dermal fillers be reclassified as prescription-only regardless?