Covid-19 does appear to attack the kidneys and affect the renal tubules and podocytes.

There may be several reasons for this, patients are dehydrated due to high temperatures endured for several days, they have not been eating and in severe cases, there is a “ Cytokine storm “ and inflammation which takes its toll on the kidneys.  Patients’ blood becomes “sticky” and the virus can be found in the kidneys.  Patients hydration levels are being monitored closely and patients are being placed on dialysis and this demand is causing a shortage in supply. Clinicians treating Covid patients are being encouraged to avoid prescribing medication which could worsen renal function where possible.  After patients leave ICU they often require further kidney dialysis and doctors are worried about the long term effects on the kidneys, the lungs and the heart. They are carefully monitoring patients as they try to assess the long term requirements their patients may require.