Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Responsible Persons and Healthcare Professionals must consider how they communicate and what are the effective channels of communication they should consider to effectively get their message across.

The way the public is influenced is aided by technologies which facilitate messages to be spread at speed, and people trust the medias and or people who deliver the message often without question. They often sign up to follow their newfound friend who is now their trusted expert. People join groups and sign up to blogs and alerts and rarely question the bona fides.

GDP Responsible Person Cogent “Gold Standard” Training formally recognised by the MHRA

Over the last few years, many companies like ourselves have offered a number of courses to help companies train their employees about being compliant. For most companies, the current courses available are enough to ensure they understand what is excepted of them by the MHRA. Like most things, this is changing, and a basic understanding is not enough anymore. For those looking to be RPs (Responsible Persons) or even directors of companies they now need more in-depth training. Over the last year, we have been looking at a way into how Pharmacy Consulting can help business with this. Following this, we have been Cogent accredited and can offer our GDP Responsible Person Cogent “Gold Standard” Training formally recognised by the MHRA.

2D Barcodes have a hidden issue

It has now been a few months since the start of the new FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive) process and while no one expected it to work fully from day one, one rather obscure issue has arisen. 2D Barcodes have a hidden issue.