Verification of supplier and customer in Pharmaceutical

Being a pharmaceutical wholesaler we have to approve/bona fide your suppliers and customers. It is the requirements of Good Distribution Practice (Chapter 5.2. Qualification of suppliers & 5.3. Qualification of customers), the Green Guide book. Performing the verification on your supplier before procuring and on your customer before you can supply products are crucial! Also, only your Responsible Person can approve them, you are not allowed to sell products to unapproved wholesalers. You can get your license suspended if not verifying properly.

Pharmaceutical Product disposal

We all have expired products, not just as wholesalers but individuals. We buy them as we think we will need it, but some products have short expiry dates, especially cold chain products. As a wholesaler, we have to dispose of damaged or expired stock in accordance with (GDP) Good Distribution Practice – Chapter 5.6. Destruction of obsolete good. The guideline says: