About Pharmacy Consulting Ltd

Pharmacy Consulting Ltd was incorporated in 2002 having initially commenced trading in 1998. Our focus begun primarily advising pharmacists and advising and supporting suppliers of all kinds of products and services to pharmacists. However, over the years Pharmacy Consulting Ltd has broadened its knowledge, expertise and scope.

The services we offer vary with each client from services to prospective medicinal wholesalers in which we help them obtain a Wholesale Distribution Authorisation from the MHRA and act as their Responsible Person thereafter, to working both with individuals opening new pharmacies and on larger community pharmacy based projects for major pharmaceutical companies.

We are a small company and this means that the vast majority of customers gain the benefit of being supported personally by one of our Senior Consultants. Whilst we are based in South East England we have a large international client base and are capable of aiding clients from any region of the world.

For potential customers we begin the project with an initial GAP analysis, which could include a site visit. Once we have gained an understanding of where support and advice is needed, a written proposal is submitted to potential customers detailing the service/s offered, the benefits likely to accrue, and the costs involved.

We are always pleased to gain feedback on how our expertise helps our clients succeed in their businesses, as you can see from some of the testimonials our clients have been kind enough to send us.