Distilling Aspirations

Wholesale Distribution of Pharmaceuticals

We can help you with the following:


  • Contract Responsible Person (RP) / Deputy RP
  • Wholesale Distribution Authorisation – WDA Application
  • Good Distribution Practices (GDP) Compliance
  • GAP Analysis and Pre-Inspection Audits
  • GDP/ RP Training
  • Quality Systems – Build, maintain and the maintenance
  • Risk Assessment – Development and mitigation
  • Audit Planning – Delivery and Corrective Action

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Pharmacist and Pharmacies

We can help entrepreneurs gain their own pharmacy by aiding with:


  • NHS Contract Application
  • GPhC  Registration
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Recruitment

Is your current pharmacy business at risk? We can consult you on:

  • Scoping gaps in the local pharmacy services provision?
  • “SWOT” analysis, bespoke marketing plan
  • Essential Services Support
  • GPhC Inspection preparation
  • Automation and Optimisation
  • Business Development

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Flexible Training and Workshops

We can meet all your training needs.

We have a range of courses that are highly inter-active and informative to meet all your pharmacy or wholesaler training requirements:


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Care Quality Commission

We can be your ‘one stop shop’ for CQC Registration and Compliance.  We can help with the following:


  • CQC registration
  • Documentation
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Pre Audit Analysis
  • Risk Profiling and Compliance
  • Bespoke Consultancy
  • Business improvement
  • Training and practical implementation

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Latest News

UK pharma pilot

News of the UK move to fund a pilot scheme for some 300 pharmacists to be directly employed by GP surgeries has made it to the Australian community pharmacy press. The idea to help manage long-term conditions and provide ongoing advice to patients using multiple medications seems to be a common sense move in the right direction.  I like the idea and it will be fascinating to see how the interaction of pharmacists and GPs can lead to better health outcomes. It is also hoped the project will allow for better communication amongst health practitioners and between the GP surgery, community pharmacy and the hospital. The trial is set to commence in early 2016. Do you feel this is an innovation by the NHS? Will this work? What are your throughts? Can you think of how the success will be... read more

Return of Unwanted Medicines in Australia

The program to return unwanted medicines to community pharmacies in Australia has been given approval for a further 3 year period. The program will continue to collect and dispose the returned medicines along with an analysis of the items and the research into why consumers are returning them.  The program has been in place since 1998 and has seen 7,000 tonnes of returned medicines safely disposed of.  Great news considering the risk to the environment and to the public of having these medicines remain in the community. Whilst this is not a new innovation in the community pharmacy practice the sheer volume of returned medicines tells a story.  Do we over prescribe? Do we not give the right advice to patients? Do patients know how to use their medicines? How much medication are we missing out on? Any other thoughts on the matter?... read more

Doctor Google

Researchers at the Harvard Medical School have released some research to show the potential pitfalls of Googling or otherwise seeking advice online relating to medical conditions. The scientists tested 23 online symptom checkers including many brand name sites and better known reference points with the result being “as a whole they were astonishingly inaccurate.” The correct diagnosis was only found in the first instance 34% of the time and 51% within the first three diagnoses. How can our health system better address people looking to self-diagnose? We and the government constantly look for ways to reduce the burden on GPs yet we don’t have a reliable second point for patients to reference. Can community pharmacy work this angle? Are online symptom checkers doing us damage? Or is it saving GP... read more