Distilling Aspirations

Wholesale Distribution of Pharmaceuticals

We can help you with the following:


  • Contract Responsible Person (RP) / Deputy RP
  • Wholesale Distribution Authorisation – WDA Application
  • Good Distribution Practices (GDP) Compliance
  • GAP Analysis and Pre-Inspection Audits
  • GDP/ RP Training
  • Quality Systems – Build, maintain and the maintenance
  • Risk Assessment – Development and mitigation
  • Audit Planning – Delivery and Corrective Action

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Pharmacist and Pharmacies

We can help entrepreneurs gain their own pharmacy by aiding with:


  • NHS Contract Application
  • GPhC  Registration
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Recruitment

Is your current pharmacy business at risk? We can consult you on:

  • Scoping gaps in the local pharmacy services provision?
  • “SWOT” analysis, bespoke marketing plan
  • Essential Services Support
  • GPhC Inspection preparation
  • Automation and Optimisation
  • Business Development

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Flexible Training and Workshops

We can meet all your training needs.

We have a range of courses that are highly inter-active and informative to meet all your pharmacy or wholesaler training requirements:


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Care Quality Commission

We can be your ‘one stop shop’ for CQC Registration and Compliance.  We can help with the following:


  • CQC registration
  • Documentation
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Pre Audit Analysis
  • Risk Profiling and Compliance
  • Bespoke Consultancy
  • Business improvement
  • Training and practical implementation

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Latest News

The New Warehouse

A contract warehouse, suitably authorised and validated, – and with a proven track record in 3rd Party stock handling – is a valuable, cost effective and reliable partner in wholesale distribution. Their facilities and experience in stock management will usually offer stability and the opportunities to help your business to grow. But there is scope for smaller, start-up wholesale operations to utilise a smaller, bespoke facility. One that ensures a more direct input into how the stock is managed. This includes the control and certainty of regulatory compliance, particularly with medicinal distribution. The setting up of a warehouse has many facets to consider. Not least in having the staff to work in it. Trained, capable and flexible – the modern demands of wholesale distribution requires a skilled and knowledgeable workforce. Setting up the facility itself requires thought and planning. Is it secure? Is it clean and dry?  Can there be clear and separate Goods In and Goods Out areas?  If, as is commonly the case with smaller warehouse/stock-room facilities, there is a single point of access and exit – it needs to be ensured that separated Goods In/Goods Out areas can be applied. A picture of how the work is going to flow is vital. From the goods arriving, to being checked, then stored, counted, picked and packed. Although, as the project develops and the requirements become clearer, this can change a little – the workflow picture should always be foremost in the planning. Storage and racking are also main considerations. Thought needs to be given to the type of products that will be held. The size and type... read more

The MHRA Inspection Warm-Up

The preparations have gone well so far, the documentation is in place and all your colleagues understand what’s going on. The Inspection looms. The build-up process would have brought up questions and challenges, but would have made you and your colleagues focus on your work practices. Now it’s time to set up the final route to attaining/retaining the company’s WDA licence. It’s worth remembering that the inspector is not intending to be a heavy-handed official – poring for errors and flashing the red card at every opportunity. Be mindful to show you have a logical process to your Quality Management System, that procedures are suitable and followed correctly, and that whatever has happened- it’s recorded. Most importantly, you – as the Quality Manager/RP – are confident in what is required to be presented, and you can demonstrate how, and why, it will be maintained. So, a room is booked, the key people are primed and the lunch has been arranged. You just need to go through the last minute paces, vital for any encounter. And remember, the referee wants you to win this one. Have your initial presentation on the Company’s activities ready to go. This can show as much of these activities as possible. You should also present information on the key people and their roles within the organisation (the Quality Manager, MD, Warehouse Manager, RP etc). Roles you will have decided the Inspector will want to be aware of. A check through the documents can’t hurt. Are they all signed and dated appropriately? Are they all version controlled? The inspector will ask to see certain files, not... read more

Transport in comfort

Throughout many inspections, medicinal product transportation is a must not to be missed topic. High attention is payed on its risk assessment, temperature and route validation by the inspectors. Not enough to have a well detailed SOP if the most important steps are missing from your day-to day activity.  Are you fully prepared to transport your product in cold-chain or in ambient storage conditions without having any temperature excursion? Have you validated your van or your package? Have you tested your routes? Have you got the right data logger? Are there calibrated? And could continue the list.. Never easy to find the most cost effective logistic provider and/or temperature protected materials especially for longer journeys where stock is shipped to (EU or Non-EU) countries with varying climates. Risk assessing and testing your routes is the key to your success. PCL can offer various services fully applied to your needs. Services including : Supply Chain validation, which means validating your logistic suppliers or your own vehicles; help with risk assessing and get your Transport Validation Master Plan (TVMP)  in place; can assist testing your routes and packaging; can hire calibrated data loggers from us to monitor your... read more